Monday, September 6, 2010

Animatic almos done!

here is a shot from the teaser!

the set is almost done for the first teaser. Hiroshi is fully rigged and being textured now as well as the ground and grass blades.

This clip is from a render from the animatic. NO TEXTURES and the background is a base. the real background is being painted now.

Base lighting, but i painted over the render to show the high concept of what im going for as a look for this teaser. I mainly want alot of atmosphere...enough to make anyone with allergies SNEEZE when they see it. haha.

the grass actually looks like tht in 3d. its sharp cut out looking. the grass is sknned and im animating it now...all hand done. Looks cool waving around.

It looks story bookish wich is EXACTLY what i going for. Hiroshis clothes are not in this render, but his land and jump of scene are already blocked in.

In this clip his hair is still in the "stretch frame" haha..should of rendered one more frame after this.

Base sound efx are already laid down in Premiere as well. Should have this coming soon teaser done soon! its just a quick clip of things to come.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good man, I can't wait to see some animation blocking.

    Keep up the good work!