Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Warriors Legend Story Teller

All of our stories are told by the **un-named** story teller. He is an ancient being that awakens to tell the tales of amazing individuals throughout time. As he tells their stories, they appear upon magical scrolls, and the stories come to life.

Hiroshi's ancient Blades of "MAR"

His Blades - The legendary Blades of "MAR" The blades were forged from a mystical ancient set of wind chimes. When Hiroshi exposes the blades, the swords will "HUMMMMMM" in a soft chime reverb sound...this will always give him away should he be hiding and pull the blades out. He also uses them to scale the sides of any wall or mountain. (the ends of claw shapes on them. with a flick of the wrist the blades can slide out or in.

Hiroshi's Arm Designs

His wraps - from the ancient flag of the empire

His Dragon Shaped Birthmark - The birthmark starts off as an egg type shape..as Hiroshi unlocks more of his abilities the birthmark slowly transforms over time to eventually reveal a Dragon. The style of this will NOT be a yakuza style japanese dragon. It will be a mythical tribal style dragon that he will "unlock" pieces of as his story unfolds

Monday, August 29, 2011

TOON SUSHI Logo Jingle!!!

Oh yeah!! Our sound director whipped up our first official custom "jingle"

love it!!!

Texture style test

A paint over our Toon Sushi Art Director Pio did. We are testing out how detailed we want to go with the textures. He did a straight paint over on the original proxy mesh render.

Looks sweet!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

HIROSHI'S proxy mesh!

This is Hiroshi's proxy mesh.

The proxy mesh is a representation of what the final model will end up looking like. Josh did a killer job!!! Even in this base representation, I feel like you can see the character/style take form. This will be carried through everything in the Dragon Weaver world.

The look we are going for is not a overly complicated fully rendered CG movie. Its going to have an almost "theatrical/play" type of vibe.

THERE ARE NO TEXTURES on this base mesh. Just flat colors, and some smoothing groups to break up the parts.

Dragon Weaver UPDATE!!!

Hey Toon Sushi Peeps!!!

So much has happened over the past 10 months with the Dragon Weaver cartoon!!!

First and foremost I would like to announce the addition of my 4 partners in this adventure!!!

Josh Singh - Modeling Director/Co Founder
Pio Ravago - Art Director/Co Founder
Te Wilson - Technical Director/Co Founder
Jeremy Robins - Sound Director/Co Founder

With that said, i wanted to update the blog!!! Hiroshi and the Dragon Weaver world is under development in full force.

Although these are all works in progress, they are definitely close to the final vision!

ENJOY and share the Toon Sushi Blog with friends! We will have some 3d animation for you SOON!!!!

Below is the Sculpt of Hiroshi. The sculpt is around 60% done, but already captures Hiroshi's silhouette and form.