Friday, August 26, 2011

Dragon Weaver UPDATE!!!

Hey Toon Sushi Peeps!!!

So much has happened over the past 10 months with the Dragon Weaver cartoon!!!

First and foremost I would like to announce the addition of my 4 partners in this adventure!!!

Josh Singh - Modeling Director/Co Founder
Pio Ravago - Art Director/Co Founder
Te Wilson - Technical Director/Co Founder
Jeremy Robins - Sound Director/Co Founder

With that said, i wanted to update the blog!!! Hiroshi and the Dragon Weaver world is under development in full force.

Although these are all works in progress, they are definitely close to the final vision!

ENJOY and share the Toon Sushi Blog with friends! We will have some 3d animation for you SOON!!!!

Below is the Sculpt of Hiroshi. The sculpt is around 60% done, but already captures Hiroshi's silhouette and form.

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